Site Selection + Development

Commerce City offers many location advantages to potential businesses. The City’s Economic Development team assists site selectors, real estate brokers, and companies to evaluate these advantages and understand how potential business opportunities can benefit from what Commerce City has to offer.

This dedicated assistance continues throughout the development process by connecting the development team to city planning and development staff, as well as other agencies. The Economic Development team aims to ensure a smooth navigation through the development process and to provide any assistance to make the establishment of operations here as easy as possible.

The relationship does not end there. Staff can continue to work with company representatives with assistance with ongoing operations or plans for growth.

IEDC Data Set

The IEDC Data Set provides detailed information on Commerce City. Following are just a few reasons why businesses choose Commerce City:

Acres of Development Opportunity

Construction siteEven though Commerce City has experienced rapid growth and development in recent years, there are still significant opportunities for land development. 11 square miles of land, ready for development for a variety of uses lie between Denver International Airport (DEN) and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Commerce City. Additional large and small tracts of land are available for development near both I-76 and Highway 85, as well as properties along the two primary rail lines that serve Commerce City.

Suncor breaking ground at new boys and girls club

Available Workforce

The Commerce City labor force represents a diverse set of professional, labor and language skills. In addition, companies have easy access to both workers and educational resources in the adjacent greater Denver Metro area. 

Find additional information on the Commerce City workforce.

Strong Transportation Network

Minutes from downtown Denver and adjacent to six major highways and two new commuter rail lines, Commerce City is ideally situated for access to customers, local and metro area labor force, and a diverse supply chain. Also, two main freight railroads and one short railroad run through Commerce City. Five transload facilities located in the city provide options for freight shipments on either of the two main railroads, BNSF and Union Pacific.

Find additional information on the Commerce City transportation network.

Ease of Permitting and Regulatory Procedures

Commerce City’s dedicated staff works collaboratively with each site selection team to ensure these unique needs are met and helps the development team navigate the development process to help reduce the time needed for the business to be fully operational.

International Travel Connections

A company’s customers and suppliers may be across the country or around the world. Meeting in person or receiving supplies is a little easier when a company locates next to an international airport. The central location of Denver International Airport also makes it possible for same-day meetings on either the east or west coast, or anywhere in between.

Quality of Life

Whether considering a location with amenities to support quality of life for workforce, or a site that supports the outdoor recreation industry, Commerce City offers a variety of amenities to meet these needs, including Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and Buffalo Run Golf Course.