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Nonresidential Construction

Nonresidential building permits for 419,917 square feet of space were issued in Commerce City during the first quarter of 2017. The nonresidential building permits issued during the period were valued at nearly $44.3 million. The highest valued building permitted was a $31.2 million, 104,000-square-foot recreation center. Three other highly valued permits each exceeded $1 million, including a Kentucky Fried Chicken for $1 million, the Westfall O’Dell Motors addition for $2.7 million, and the Mid Rail Real Estate warehouse and office for nearly $9 million.

Commerce City Commercial Building Permits Issues, 1Q 2017

Project Description  Valuation  Total Sq. Ft.
 Environmental Stoneworks  $357,624  12,482
 Kentucky Fried Chicken  $1,029,153  3,168
 Westfall O'Dell Motors Inc. Addition  $2,700,000  25,134
 Mid Rail Real Estate LLC Warehouse and Office  $8,943,504  275,000
 Recreation Center  $31,230,052  104,133
 Source: Commerce City Dev. Center, Building Permits & Fees    

Building & Land Use Reports

The city compiles various reports monthly to measure and evaluate development activity. These reports consist of a summary of the number of new residential units permitted and compare residential activity over recent years. The city also tracks the total number and job valuation of all building permit types issued for the current year-to-date. A component of this report includes total permit fees paid, and the sum of sales and use taxes collected for each permit.

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