Local + State Taxes

Colorado provides a competitive business tax structure that rewards investment and innovation as the state ranked 17th for most business-friendly taxes by the Tax Foundation's 2020 State Business Tax Climate Index

 State Income Tax
Personal Income Tax  4.63%
Corporate Income Tax on Net Income  4.63%
Unemployment Compensation Rate  2.48% of the first $10,000

State government does not levy property taxes. These revenues are exclusively for local government services, primarily school districts.

 Property Tax -
 Commerce  City Mill Levy
 Real Property  3.28 mills
 Personal Property  3.28 mills

 commercial property tax  
 Commercial Property Tax  29%

 Sales and Use Tax  
 Commerce City 3.50%
 2K Capital Improvement*  1.00%
 Adams County  0.75%
 Science and Cultural Facilities District  0.10%
 Regional Transportation District  1.00%
 State of Colorado  2.90%
 *1% dedicated to voter-approved capital improvement projects within Commerce City.  


Machinery, tools, and ingredients used in manufacturing are exempt from paying 2.9 percent Colorado sales tax.

Inventory and Franchise Taxes

Inventory and franchise taxes are not assessed in Colorado.

Occupational Head Tax

Businesses located in Commerce City will not pay an occupational head tax to the city or the county.