Labor + Employment

Colorado has one of the nation’s most educated workforces, ranking third among the 50 states for percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Commerce City has a labor force of 29,551 people. is diverse and well educated. Eighty percent have high school degrees, and 20% have bachelor’s degrees or higher.

 Workforce Snapshot  
 Labor Force 29,551
 No. of Employed  28,753
 Total Unemployed  798
 Unemployment Rate  3.3%
 Average Annual Wage  $57,668
 No. of Jobs  32,126
 Source: CO Dept. of Labor & Employment  


Commerce City is home to over 1,400 companies that employ 32,126 people.

 chart pie

Commerce City employment increased 3.3 percent in the third quarter of 2019 compared with the prior year, creating an additional 1,039 jobs.

View the Business and Employment Indicators by Supersector chart.

The transportation, warehousing, and utilities sector is the largest employment sector in Commerce City. This is evidenced by the list of top employers.

 Commerce City's Largest Private Employers # of Employes 
United Parcel Service Global Logistics 3163
FedEx Ground Global Logistics 783
Shamrock Foods Food Service, Distribution/Warehouse 780
FedEx Freight Global Logistics 772
Q3 Contracting Construction 723
Liberty Oilfield Services Hydraulic Fracking and Engineering Services 691
Suncor Energy USA Energy Production 441
Old Dominion Freight Lines Global Logistics 369
Douglass Roofing Co. Roofing 359
Walmart Stores Retail Distribution/Warehousing 310


Union Status

Colorado is not a right-to-work state but has a modified right-to-work law. It specifies stringent requirements for inclusion of mandatory union membership in collective bargaining agreements. As a result, actual union membership may be slightly lower than persons covered by collective bargaining agreements. This modified status is unique in the nation.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

All private and public employers in Colorado, with limited exceptions, must provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees when they employ one or more full- or part-time staff member(s). Learn more about Workers Compensation insurance in Colorado.

Unemployment Insurance

The new employer standard is 1.7% of each person's wages up to the first $10,000. Learn more about Unemployment Insurance in Colorado.