Employment Assistance

In addition to traditional employment agencies, businesses have access to the following resources to find and train potential employees:

Finding and Training Employees

Adams County Workforce and Business Center (WBC): The Adams County WBC provides free candidate recruitment services for all Adams County Business owners, including job postings, prescreening, customized hiring events and on-the-job training.

Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC): ACEC partners with Adams County school districts, post-secondary education institutions, local government and industry to invest in the development of critical and work-ready skills in the future workforce.

Colorado First & Colorado Existing Industry Training Grant Program: Through the Colorado FIRST Program (targeted to new jobs being created that need training) and the Existing Industry Program (targeted to existing jobs that need retraining for the business to remain competitive), the state has funds available to assist with employee training for qualified businesses. Learn more about the grants and eligibility

Front Range Community College (FRCC) Workforce Solutions: FRCC Workforce Solutions creates and delivers client-focused training solutions for businesses.