Supporting Local Restaurants

On March 16, Governor Jared Polis ordered the closure of dine-in services at restaurants throughout the state for 30 days in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. During this time, restaurants can still offer delivery, carryout and/or drive-thru service.

To lessen the impact on local small businesses, restaurant franchise owners, and their employees, consider ordering meals to go from Commerce City restaurants. 

(Last updated 3/24/2020)

Arby's 5995 Dexter St X Doordash
Big Daddy Mexican Food 7584 Hwy 2 X
Big Panda 15550 E 103rd Pl, Unit 101 X X
Black Jack Pizza and Salads 6225 E 71st Pl X X Grubhub,
Burrito Rapido 6089 Quebec St X
Butcher Block Café 4605 E 74th Ave X Postmates
Carls Jr 5998 Dahlia St X DoorDash,
Uber Eats,
Chipotle Mexican Grill 5988 Dahlia St X X DoorDash
Churchs Chicken 7295 E. 64th Ave X Grubhub,
Uber Eats,
Dairy Queen 5800 E. 64th Ave X Doordash
Del Taco 18260 E 104th Ave X X Grubhub
Delfina's Sweets 15550 E 103rd Place X X
Dions 15150 E 104th Ave X Doordash
Domino's 12302 E 104th Ave X X
El Camaron Loco 6740 E 72nd Ave X Doordash,
El Coco Pirata 5411 Quebec St X
El Jardin 6460 E 73rd Ave X
El Taco Stop 6960 Hwy 2 X
Golden Town Chinese Restaurant 5976 E 64th Ave X X Uber Eats,
Gordi-Buena Mexican Restaurant 7225 Monaco St X X Uber Eats
Jack In the Box 6015 Parkway Dr X X Grubhub,
Uber Eats,
Jimmy John's 10449 Chambers Rd X X
Kentucky Fried Chicken 5101 E 60th Ave X Grubhub
Kentucky Fried Chicken 15101 E 104th Ave X Grubhub
La Casa Del Rey 7035 E 72nd Ave X Grubhub
La Dos Americas 6065 Quebec St X Grubhub app
in process
Las Margs 15550 E 103rd Pl X X
Las Tortugas 7600 Hwy 2 X Grubhub,
Little Caesars Pizza 5940 E 64th Ave X X
Los Tamales Mexican Grill 4952 E 62nd Ave Grubhub
McDonalds 15251 E 104th Ave X Doordash,
Uber Eats
McDonalds 10400 Belle Creek Blvd X X Doordash,
Uber Eats
McDonalds 5060 Parkway Dr X Doordash,
Uber Eats
Mickey's Express 7770 Hwy 2 X
Panda Express 15481 E 104th Ave X Grubhub,
Uber Eats
Papa John's Pizza 10401 Belle Creek Blvd, Ste. 102 X Postmates
Pizza Hut 6125 E Parkway Dr X X
Pizza Hut 15550 E 103rd Pl, #100 X X
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen 15050 E 104th Ave X Grubhub,
Pudge Bros Pizza 6085 E 64th Ave X X Grubhub,
Uber Eats
Rico Pollo 5790 E 64th Ave, #3314 X
Santiago's Mexican Restaurant 5230 E 72nd Ave X X
Santiago's Mexican Restaurant 15330 E 120th Pl X
Sonic Drive-In 10319 Tower Rd X X X Grubhub,
Starbucks 12311 E. 104th Ave X X
Starbucks 15591 E. 104th Ave X
Starbucks 10339 Tower Rd X X
Subway 18220 E 104th Ave X Doordash,
Subway 10401 Belle Creek Blvd X Grubhub,
Uber Eats
Subway 6075 E Parkway Dr, Ste 103 X Doordash,
Subway 5601 S. Quebec St Doordash,
Taco Bell
10406 Belle Creek Blvd X X X Grubhub,
Taco Bell 4901 E 60th Ave X X X
Taco Mex V 6101 E 64th Ave X
Taco River 6025 Parkway Dr, #107 X Grubhub,
Uber Eats
Tacos Jalpa 7710 Brighton Rd
Tamales by Sara 6440 E 72nd Pl X
Tasty Donuts 6441 E 72nd Pl X
Ted's Philly Cheesesteaks & Mexican Grill 7215 E 72nd Ave, Unit A X
Wendy's 6001 Dexter St X X Doordash,
Wendy's 15581 E 104th Ave X X Doordash,
Wingstop 4952 E 62nd Ave X X Doordash
Wortlewoods SmokePit 6200 E 64th Ave X Grubhub,
Uber Eats
Yum Asian Fusion & Sushi 18220 E 104th Ave X
Ziggi's Coffee 10401 Belle Creek Blvd X X